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Soldering and Microsoldering Repairs

For the last decade we've been repairing Apple Mac logic boards with microsoldering techniques, and we've found ourselves being asked more and more to repair other items using that same knowledge and skills. We believe in "right to repair", and want to prolong the use of electronic devices and save e-waste from landfill. Solder Fix was spun out from our sister site to deal with and repair non-Apple devices for our customers. The aim of this site is to be able to help customers identify if a device is repairable, and give them options on how to do so.

What can you Repair?

Anything with a circuit board or electronic components can potentially be repaired, over the years we've repaired numerous devices not limited to:

  • Laptops - we have done Apple laptop board repair for many years.
  • Car key fobs (broken switches, broken battery connectors).
  • Games consoles (such as Nintendo Switch).
  • Golf trolley controllers.
  • USB devices - such as memory sticks (with physical socket damage).
  • Hard drives - repair of connectors on encrypted USB bridges.
  • Sewing machines.
  • Remote controls (eg an air suspension remote for a car).
  • Computer ports (HDMI, USB etc).
  • Roombas.

We don't repair phones and tablets ourselves, but there are many repair shops that specialise in that area.

Please see our repair examples page and worthwhile repairs page for more information. Or send us an email.

About Us

Solder Fix is a part of MacUpgrades. We've been repairing computers and devices for 21 years. We are based in Sawston, south of Cambridge, and we are open Monday - Friday, 9am til 5pm for drop offs or for mail-in repairs.

Due to the nature of these repairs we do suggest that you email us first, as there are devices that we cannot fix economically, or are near impossible to do so - see our page on what is a worthwhile repair.

Right to Repair

The Right to Repair for electronics, refers to the concept of allowing end users, consumers as well as businesses, to repair electronic devices they own, or engage third parties to repair them, without any legal or technical restrictions being imposed by the manufacturer. The idea behind this concept is to render electronics easier and cheaper to repair, with the goals of prolonging the working life of such devices, and reducing the amount of electronic waste created by broken or unusable devices.