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About Solder Fix

Solder Fix was part of Second Chance PC Ltd until its closure in June 2023, which had repaired and upgraded computers since 2001. Through the now closed brand, we've been doing microsoldering since the early 2010s, and repaired thousands of MacBooks and other Apple computers. We repair their motherboards at a component level, which provides a huge saving versus the cost of replacing the whole part.

If you are looking for Mac component level or logic board repair please get in touch for details as this is something we still offer.

More and more we were being asked to repair all sorts of non Apple devices, so we decided to create this site to support these customers, and to try and expand the visibility of these types of component level repairs. Based in Sawston just south of Cambridge, our offices are open for drop in customers, or to ship your item to us. So if you have a soldering or microsoldering job we can help, please contact us to discuss your needs.

We are great supporters of Right to Repair and believe that owners of equipment should be able to repair their devices, rather than having to replace them. We aim to provide solutions that are a cost saving to the consumer and a saving to the environment by extending the life of electronic devices wherever possible, saving our customers expense and helping to reduce e-waste.

Not all devices are fixable, mostly due to non-availability of parts and schematics. The days when equipment came with a repair manual as standard are long gone. Today many manufacturers try to do everything in their power to keep you buying new, or using only their own repair services. Manuals are secret and components restricted. As such Solder Fix works on a no fix no fee basis. Should a repair not be possible just a return shipping charge applies (depends on size and weight, but typically £6 for light items).

If you would like to book a repair please see our booking page. We will often ask for some photos of device damage prior to you sending it in - to ensure you get a clear idea of the likelihood of success before making a special trip or incurring postage costs.