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Repair Examples

We've seen many many devices over the years, and have had great success in repairing them. A lot of our repairs are damage to ports, such as headphone jacks, USB port, HDMI ports, fan connectors, speed controllers, car key fobs with broken switches, etc. Provided we can find the part to solder on, we can fix it. Ports are key points of weakness in electronic devices, and these can be poorly soldered or weak from the factory. In most cases these can be replaced on the board, bringing the device back to life.

A lot of our other work comes from liquid damaged devices, or those where an item has been incorrectly taken apart or a connector forced. Bad capacitors also can often cause a device to short circuit and to fail to turn on, and wiring in points of motion can become worn and break connection. If you've got a device you'd like us to take a look at please contact us or book a job.

Previous Repairs

Below are a small selection of actual devices we've repaired.