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Here at Solder Fix we work on and have fixed a very large range of devices. The scope of what we do does make it harder to list here how much every repair will cost. As mentioned in our other pages, some devices are not economically repairable (in that they cost more to repair then they cost to replace) and some are not practically repairable.

Before you bring or send your item into us, we suggest you use the Book a Job page and supply details of your device, we will then be able to give you an indication of the likelihood of repair and probable costs. We've worked on the following devices with success in the past:

  • Laptops - we have done Apple laptop board repair for many years.
  • Car key fobs (broken switches, broken battery connectors).
  • Games consoles (such as Nintendo Switch).
  • Golf trolley controllers.
  • USB devices - such as memory sticks (with physical socket damage).
  • Hard drives - repair of connectors on encrypted USB bridges.
  • Sewing machines.
  • Remote controls (eg an air suspension remote for a car).
  • Computer ports (HDMI, USB etc).
  • Roombas.

We don't repair phones and tablets ourselves, but there are many repair shops that specialise in that area.

No Fix No Fee for Soldering Jobs

As standard, we work on a no fix no fee basis on all our soldering jobs. That means that if we are unsuccessful, you would only pay the shipping costs (and if you are near enough to our location, you are welcome to drop the device into us and collect).

There are exceptions - for example we might need to order in specialised parts before we can determine whether a repair is possible. But this is something we will always discuss with you, and you will get a choice whether to go ahead on this basis.

For computer repairs there is an assessment fee of £40. This is counted towards the hourly labour charge if you go ahead with the repair quote.

Hourly Rate £49

We charge £49 per hour for our work, plus part costs. This is also our minimum repair fee, and for a lot of our jobs which turn out to be relatively simple fixes, this ends up being the entire bill.

Part costs are in many cases negligible or non-existent - we have a wide range of components from our store of dead devices. But ones we don't have will need to be ordered, which would be chargeable on top.